OBS Plugin for Donation alerts
About this overlay
This overlay is showing animated graphics on top of the video stream.
The overlay source is a web page format which includes the markup code, graphic resources and editable text
Install and use process is not complex and does not require external resources.
This plugin is interactive. It displays the animation, the number of tokens and the names of the members in your chat, while tokens are given to you

1. After payment you get to the registration page
2. Note! that for the correct display of the animation, you must be online
3. Enter your login that you use on chaturbate
4. You can upload any animation and pictures you wish.

5. You can use different values of tokens. They can be equal. It is convenient to use for your tip menu

6. You can also use any sounds from the library, or download them

7. After all the settings, do not forget to save changes and and click "Get Started"
8. Copy the link with your settings

9. In the OBS program, open the "Browser"

10. And paste the resulting link
11. You can change the size and location of the animation

12. Fine! Now your screen displays animation, name of the member and the number of tokens.

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