Free OBS overlay – "Countdown timer"
This OBS overlay shows a bar at the very top of the screen with a countdown timer and additional text

OBS overlay type: browser
Source: local
Coded: HTML, CSS, Javascript
Resources: font

Author notes:
– the overlay is not interactive, it is not triggered by tips.
– all editing process is made via source code
– all resources run locally from your device (desktop/laptop)
– the overlay is triggered manually by the model
– to display the countdown timer javascript is used
– additional classes for styling up already added
– both the CSS and HTML markup is commented to make it easier for you to edit

Install instructions and full documentation along with all necessary resources provided inside the downloaded file
Install instructions
How to use this overlay ?

To use this overlay on your stream follow the install steps suggested below
  1. Open OBS
  2. From Sources zone click the +
  3. Next step is to select Browser from available options
  4. Create New will show up, give it a name, easy to spot
  5. Local File - Browse. Browse for the file Make sure you select Local File option
  6. Drag the red corners to fit your main screen source for better position
  7. Optional, you can play with Transition and Fade Transition options when triggering this overlay, it is up to you
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